Encounter At Isla Uvita: Part Two

Admittedly, this is a strange post to be the first thing we hear about dinosaurs, but it suggests that those who created dinosaurs wanted to have an audience that they knew to be friendly. And though he did not know it, the blogger who received the mysterious invitation to Isla Uvita was more prepared than he knew to deal with the strangeness of the dinosaurs invented and to be a fit person to see how it is that they interacted with human beings. If he did not know it, then the one who sent him the invitation knew it, and it would become increasingly aware. In the meantime, there were preparations and observations that were made about which we know nothing. The next thing we know was on September 10, when we see the following post that was made about the author’s journey to Isla Uvita in a post titled: “The Slow Boat To Isla Uvita:”

“It has been a long time since I had to travel by a boat taxi anywhere, and my memories of it were not positive. About fifteen years ago I went to Mexico, and as the docks in the place where my cruise went were destroyed, we had to travel to and from the Yucatan coast via Mexican boat taxis. The trip was nauseating, and even someone like me who enjoys the sea had problems with the fumes that filled the boats. When I had been told that we would be going to Isla Uvita by boat instead of by a small plane or helicopter, I was told we would be traveling by boat. This did not raise my hopes of an enjoyable trip, but the boat itself proved to be a pleasant enough open-air experience that reminded me more of my trips out in the Gulf of Mexico than of my Mexican boat taxi experiences so that was all well and good and nothing to worry about.

What was more puzzling, and quite troubling, was the reason why we did not travel via more comfortable means. Rather than being a cost-cutting measure or because one could not fly to the island, I was told that it was best to arrive on the island via a form of transportation that did not involve electronics because it was known that the animals of the island were a bit sensitive to such matters and it would be unsafe to rely on such means of transportation in order to reach the island. I took this to be an ominous sign, given that any animal that was sensitive enough to electronics that it would threaten safety was an animal that clearly needed to be taken into consideration. I wondered aloud what sort of animals we could be dealing with here, for none of my reading of Costa Rica’s fauna indicated that there were animals for whom electricity would threaten safety, but none of the crew going to the island were interested in saying anything about it, and so in silence and concern we swept toward the island.

Upon arriving at the island it was very clear that we were dealing with some gorgeous creatures who were highly unexpected to me. I was told not to refer to them by a certain word because of the connotations that would lead to, but while I was promised to a fair amount of safety and was not given the sort of information that would be tempting to share, it is worthwhile to share my own observations and experiences with the glorious creatures who had the run of the island. From initial observations, it was clear that they were pack animals with a surprising amount of speed and grace. They were curious and obviously bright, and seemed to enjoy communicating with each other through various grunts and squeals that was not unpleasant to listen to and which indicated a certain degree of intelligence on the part of the beautiful creatures themselves. Upon reaching the island, we were taken on a brief tour of the premises and then, upon being told things that could not be repeated we were given the chance to explore the island and interact with the island’s citizens.

This proved to be immensely enjoyable, far more than I could have expected. The creatures themselves were very friendly and amiable, and enjoyed a variety of gestures as well as being pat on the shoulders and arms and head. Although the animals had fierce claws and what looked to be sharp teeth they also obviously loved the leaves and fruit of the island, making it clear that they were omnivores at the worst, and animals who were capable of defending themselves but not particularly aggressive. It was a relief for me to appreciate animals who viewed me with as much curiosity as I viewed them, with apparent mutual satisfaction. During the course of my wandering through the island, my trusty cane at my side, I came across a creature who looked to be among the leaders, his calls and general demeanor marking him as a high status member of the group. When we came across each other during our walking, we looked at each other quizzically for a while, and then he leaned his head forward and rested it against mine. For some minutes our foreheads, if it can be called that, were close to each other, and the result was a mutual sign of friendliness, and a feeling that we had undergone something of a bonding ritual. I could sense, though I knew not why, that the dinosaur was a friendly one and that he had no interest in harm, and he must have recognized the same sort of intense intelligent curiosity but lack of desire to harm, and we parted friends, at least as close as friends as one might imagine two different species to be.

When I finished my walk and returned to the visitor’s center, I explained to the people there what had happened to me. I explained to them, although they looked at me as quizzically and as puzzled as the creatures had, that what appeared to be a high-status member of the herd had rested his forehead against mine, and it felt like our electrical charges were joined together in one field, and that they remained that way even after we had parted, to the point where I seemed to be able to sense what it is that he was feeling and surmised that the same was true in reverse. Some of the more flippant people there joked that I was going to start making sounds like the creatures on the island, but the researchers picked up on something interesting and tested me with some sort of scanning devise that did register that my electronic field, which has always been rather strong, had been even further heightened by whatever had happened to me on the island. With that the people who had been teasing me about it stopped laughing and wondered what it could possibly mean, seeing as nothing like that had happened to them in their encounters with the creatures on the island.

Once again I was left with a puzzling reflection as to why I had been chosen. Why had I been chosen to visit this island when I had no particular scientific expertise or insight in the sorts of issues that the creatures dealt with. To be sure, as an educated layman, I could very easily discern the intelligence and the fact that the creatures on the island reminded me as being more advanced than large birds but being the same sorts of creatures in terms of their songs and their calls and being flightless but possessed of genuine emotional range and a high degree of interest in the world around them. It might be said that I had long had a strong degree of interest in the psychology of animals and that is the sort of approach that I took in my interactions. And it would appear that being an intelligent person but not an especially frightening one was quite alright with others. In the time I had remaining on the island I was able to interact with some of the juveniles that were present in the center who had not quite grown to full size, and they seemed rather happy to see me, being very playful and reminding me of small children in their love of playful roughhousing and jumping up to be held, which I happily did and which they seemed to enjoy. Once again this sort of behavior made the scientists look rather curiously at me and at the creatures that they knew so much better than I did but who did not respond to them with the same degree of playfulness and happiness.

I have long thought that certain beings, including human beings, had a strong ability to be able to sense with a gut instinct the behavior and intentions of others. To be sure, as human beings we often overthink things and lose this particular gift, but it is something that can be possessed by us. If we see a creature that is shy, we need not confuse it for being proud, if we can recognize a certain degree of timidity and fearfulness about it. I think that the creatures of this particular island have that same gift of discerning the intentions and moods of others, and for this reason it will likely require a high degree of caution about what human beings they are around, because not all human beings will view them with the same degree of openness and friendliness than I did. A creature with the power and strength of being able to short electronics that was sensitive to the people around it was not going to be safe to be around human beings who did not think of them in a friendly fashion. What that means is hard to say. It did give me a lot of food for thought, though.”

In looking at this message it is easy to understand in retrospect why it was that this person was chosen to visit the island. Despite his relative lack of knowledge about the science behind the creatures and their nature, his interest and curiosity and his essential friendliness towards such strange creatures made him a perfect eyewitness to them. And that was, so far as we know, the only time that he himself met them. But it was all that needed to happen, because his encounter with these creatures was of vital importance and opened up an avenue to research into the creatures that explained why it was that their sensitivity was so important. We can even see from the account that the author appeared to be quite intuitive about the people he was around, although it may be that he did not recognize this as being any different than usual.

What was most important about what happened, at least as far as it relates to us, is that the encounter was one that set up important consequences for both humanity and for the dinosaurs themselves. The dinosaurs were recognized as beings who could influence humanity and whose sensitivity was more profound and more intelligent than had initially been seen as the case. This did not make the people in charge of taking care of them and researching them feel any easier, though, because while creatures who could shut down electronics on a whim were dangerous enough, beings that had some degree of insight into the intentions of others and who would respond based on that insight were even more to be feared. And if the writer himself had little reason to worry about this, seeing as he had been tested and had passed the test and was granted a high degree of insight himself as well as a permanent interest in the well-being of the creatures whom he had seen, which was evidenced in later accounts of him that exist, there were many people who were not as broad-minded towards the noble creatures of Isla Uvita, and their fear and hostility would have far-reaching consequences.

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