A Wedding Party

Today most of the Legacy Students, at least those who remained through the semester break, along with two of the three teachers (guess who the third one was?) have gone up to villages to attend the wedding of an old Legacy Student, whose marriage is taking place tomorrow in two villages. Left behind were three students. Two of the students are Burmese speaking and so not part of the Lahu clique among students at Legacy. The other student, who is Lahu, stayed behind because she has a test tomorrow.


I must say that it is a bit lonely staying behind at a campus when so few are around. As much as I like to keep a distance from others, I like the hustle and bustle of activity and the joy of good conversation. As I have noted before (though not as often on this particular blog) that I tend to feel bittersweet about weddings, with my sincere wishes for the happiness of the couples among the uncertainties of life and my melancholy musings over my own solitude and lack of intimacy. Such is the life.


So since I will not have anything to say about the wedding itself, I will comment on those details I know about it and comment on what that means. As can be expected in Thailand (though to a very bad extreme), a truck that was supposed to arrive at 4:30PM to pick up the guests for the wedding and drive them up to Chiang Rai province (where Mai Sai is located, it should be noted) and then to Chiang Dao, was more than two hours late in arriving. This led one of the Lahu Legacy students, who is a spirited young lady, to call the groom rather upset about the faultiness of the transportation. I found this irritation somewhat amusing. After all, it was not my party.


According to what I heard, there will be two wedding ceremonies, one in each of the villages of the bride and groom. I’m not sure if this is a common custom elsewhere, but apparently the Lahu villagers of Thailand are not much for traveling long distances for their wedding. One of the guests, one of our translators, is apparently taking advantage of the travels to visit his local church as well as attend one of his weddings, in the area near Fang. As for me, I sleep at the school keeping watch over the rear guard, while others party and celebrate. Some must guard the baggage while others feast. So is the life.

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