Paths To Explore

As a writer it can be an enjoyable experience to examine ways that one can possibly expand one’s creativity into different areas.  Over the past few days, as a result of reading and some correspondence, there are some ideas that I thought would be worth floating to the reader and if they resonate with some then they are matters I will pursue more in the future as ways of expanding the genres I work with and expanding the opportunities for conversation and community as well as creativity.  And with that, let us go into a story that I hope will make sense to you all.

A few days ago I received an e-mail message from a reader of mine who was looking to make a multi-media project to encourage a friend and then perhaps show in a gallery afterwards.  He requested that I do a reading of one of my blog entries [1], and so I did so after getting home during the evening.  While there were some technical glitches involved, I thought it was an interesting and worthwhile thing to record a reading of a blog post and it is definitely something I may try again if there is an interest in it.  Some of my blogs have a good deal of emotional impact and if I am a somewhat restrained reader sometimes, I think that tone can add to the way that certain posts of mine are understood.  There have been a few other posts of mine that I have been interested in reading and so I may record some and post the recordings along with the blog entries, especially if hearing my voice read my entries is something that sounds appealing to you.

Additionally, in reading some books on blogging, I came across the idea of adding a forum to this blog which might encourage some conversation between readers on various areas.  I must say that there are not nearly as many comments to answer as I would like, and I’m not sure that having a forum would lead people to talk more with each other or make more suggestions than I get already.  By and large I end up getting suggestions and having conversations with readers in a variety of ways–sometimes on social media, sometimes on e-mail, and only rarely on the blog itself.  It appears as if having one’s conversation be in public to be read by readers who happen upon it greatly discourages the candor of my readers, and perhaps a forum that was password protected would allow people to ask a few more questions and make more suggestions, all of which would make for a lot of ideas to write about.  And you know me, I’m always looking for more things to write about.  I have some thoughts about how I’d want to organize the forum, but if that is something you want, I look forward to hearing about it as well and I will add the widget to this blog if there is interest.


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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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