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Book Review: Influenza 1918

Influenza 1918:  The Worst Epidemic In American History, by Lynette Iezzoni Reading about the horrific and massively deadly influenza epidemic of 1918 is a bit too topical of reading given the contemporary climate, but I have always liked to read … Continue reading

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North Macedonia And The Benefits Of Squashing Beefs

It may be an unpalatable truth to admit, but the behavior of nations when it comes to diplomacy is not always handled at the most rational and mature manner.  In 1991, the nation of North Macedonia [1] declared its independence … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mental Epidemics

Mental Epidemics:  Two Lectures, by J. S. Gilmore It should be remembered in times of great concern about physical health that humanity is not only prey to epidemics resulting from viruses and bacteria and the like, but also mental epidemics … Continue reading

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Article Review: Dynamics Of Beneficial Epidemics

Dynamics Of Beneficial Epidemics, by Andrew Berdahl, Christa Breslford, Caterina De Bacco, et al. You might think that in the case of a beneficial epidemic that everyone would want it to be spread to the widest population possible.  Yet according … Continue reading

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