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Would An Independent Greenland Be Welcome In NAFTA?

For now, Greenland is an autonomous island whose foreign affairs are handled by Denmark, its colonial power. A tiny population of 60,000 people, about 89% of whom are Inuit (Eskimo), lives mostly in a collection of small villages on the … Continue reading

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Feet Of Iron Mixed With Clay

Governments all around the world right now seem more insecure than usual. Some countries have jail sentences of fifteen or twenty years simply for sending text messages that are deemed to be hostile to the nation’s rulers. And this in … Continue reading

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Stratfor Hacked

Some of the readers of this blog will be aware that I am very fond of reading news and analysis from Stratfor [1] [2]. So, imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail this afternoon saying that Stratfor had been … Continue reading

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On Eagle’s Wings

I happen to know a lot of people who are prophecy fans, and though I have to say that the subject is less engrossing to me than it is to a large amount of the people I know, I still … Continue reading

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You Can’t Put Christ Back Where He Never Was

I always have a bit of a private laugh when I read about people trying to put Christ back into Christmas, or when I read of people who claim obedience to God’s laws trying to justify observing Christmas if they … Continue reading

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Better Now

Twice in my life, so far, I have been diagnosed with mental illness. The first time I was four years old and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD for short), a well-earned diagnosis considering my savage early childhood. Then, less … Continue reading

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A Thin Line Between Libertarian And Libertine

I do not consider myself a libertarian. This is not to say that there are not some definitions of libertarian that would not apply to me (there are), but rather when I look at what passes for “mainstream” libertarian I … Continue reading

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Your Endorsement Here

I received an amusing e-mail this morning from a company that wishes for me to promote their product. I would like to comment on it, as it relates to a topic I discussed recently concerning the need for trust to … Continue reading

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Let Me In

One of the more intriguing tasks I have as a duty achan at a school is that of gatekeeper. It is a task that I have written about before [1] [2] and one that greatly interests me. There are some … Continue reading

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Word Of Mouth

Word of Mouth is the title of a poorly reviewed and poorly received album by Mike & The Mechanics [1]. That is an ironic fact that is tangentially related to the subject at hand today. The first two albums by … Continue reading

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