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College Football, Slavery, and the Idol of Tradition

Yesterday at the Rose Bowl, something happened that had never happened before in a century of prestigious and lengthy history–a team from a “lesser” conference played, much less won, against top-flight competition, when the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs, a … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Raid of Puntland Smugglers, Suspected Abduction of War Criminal, US Invitation to Somaliland President

While I was away Somaliand was pretty busy, so I would like to update the readers of this blog with some of what happened while I was away in Kentucky concerning Somaliland. Somaliland Hot Top Leads To South African Arms … Continue reading

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Love Will Keep Us Together

So, beyond thinking of somewhat cheesy 70’s songs, what does the phrase “love will keep us together” bring to mind?  For me, right now, it brings up two things:  how I feel right now about the drama going on my … Continue reading

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