Somaliland Update: Raid of Puntland Smugglers, Suspected Abduction of War Criminal, US Invitation to Somaliland President

While I was away Somaliand was pretty busy, so I would like to update the readers of this blog with some of what happened while I was away in Kentucky concerning Somaliland.

Somaliland Hot Top Leads To South African Arms Raid

First, there appears to have been some follow-up internationally to the failed attempt of arms smuggling to Puntland where a plane carrying uniforms and other military equipment for the Puntland army was diverted and had to make an emergency landing in Hergesia, the capital of Somaliland [1].  According to the Independent Online News [2], an investigation in Durban, South Africa found an arms smuggling ring that had diverted firearms from Malta to South Africa to transport to points within Somalia, which other sources [3] have identified to be Puntland.  The concern is that Puntland is smuggling arms in from other nations and seeking to destabilize Somaliland to pursue its own territorial claims on Somaliland territory.  The result would be more war in the Horn of Africa, something no one wants.  Puntland’s piracy problem, the putative reason for the illegal arms shipments, has additionally led to the establishment of an international task force with the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France to patrol the seas off of Puntland.

War Criminal Goes Missing

In one of the more disturbing and puzzling bits of information to come out of the Horn of Africa in recent weeks was the disappearance of war criminal Saleban Esse Ahmed, also known as Xaglotoosie, after a flight from Nairobi, Kenya to England during which he seems to have disappeared, to the concerns of his friends.  It is unclear whether the disappearance is voluntary or not, as Ahmed is wanted on war crimes for his attacks on Somaliland’s military via IUDs and his close links with the terror organization al-Shabab [4].  More news will hopefully be forthcoming about whether this war criminal can be brought to justice.

Sentences For Russian Arms Smugglers In Puntland Arms Bust

This is another short update on the Puntland Arms Bust.  The Somaliland criminal justice system has sentenced the six Russian smugglers of the plane that was diverted to Hargesia [1] to a year of prison each for illegal entry into their country and for bringing illegal arms into the realm contrary to the UN arms embargo on Somalia and its successor states [5].  Somaliland’s justice system seems to work admirably quickly and fairly.  Hopefully the Russians will have learned a lesson not to support pirates and the regimes which foster them.

US Invites Somaliland President For Official Visit

In a bit of very positive news for Somaliland’s international profile, the US and Somaliland have agreed to a date for an official visit between the heads of state of the two nations, marking the first ever official visit to the United States for Somaliland’s leader [6].  The purpose of the visit appears to be for bilateral relations, increased cooperation against piracy in Puntland, and direct aid to Somaliland from the United States.  The visit, which appears not to be connected to the visits of any other leaders of Somalia successor states, gives Somaliland a higher profile and marks perhaps an attempt by the United States to keep Somaliland entirely out of the China camp by providing it with its own aid and diplomatic support, as the wise diplomatic corps of the United States has previously urged without success [7] and as this report has previously and frequently urged as well [8].  We look forward to seeing what developments result from this visit, including perhaps a push to put official recognition of Somaliland independence through plebiscite on the agenda of the African Union and the United Nations.









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