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Book Reviews: Headlines In History: The 1100’s, 1200’s, 1300’s, 1400’s, and 1700’s

Headlines In History:  The 1100’s, The 1200’s, The 1300’s, The 1400’s, and The 1700’s, by Bonnie Szmuski and Scott Barbour (editors) The 1100’s: This enjoyable book, part of a series (that is on my list of books to read in … Continue reading

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Welcome Back

This weekend I heard a report that one of my friends who was an elder who had resigned from the United Church of God (but had done so in a quiet and private way, not seeking a following for himself) … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Student Ambassadors and Pirate Prisons

The fine people at Somaliland247 provided a couple of very interesting and notable reports about the improving international situation of Somaliland, something I am always happy to hear.  Today there are two tidbits of information to report on about Somaliland’s … Continue reading

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