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A Question For My Readers

Given that my “about” and “an introduction of sorts” pages attract some visitors, is there anything that those who read my blog feel is missing from my descriptions that is vital or important to explain to someone reading those pages … Continue reading

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The Savior And The Centurions: Civil-Military Relations In The Renewed Covenant Scriptures

It is one of the more curious facts of the Bible that centurions, those Roman soldiers who commanded 100 troops, are viewed in a uniformly positive way in light of the scriptures.  This is especially remarkable when one considers the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Battlegrounds: Geography And The History Of Warfare

Battlegrounds:  Geography And The History Of Warfare, edited by Michael Stephenson Organizing a set of mostly familiar battles by their terrain, and examining the important role that terrain played in the outcome and course of those battles, would appear to … Continue reading

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Quite The Contrary: On The Relationship Between The Abstract And The Particular

It would appear that despite voluminous evidence, a surprisingly large number of people (including many of my own relatives, who ought to know me better) have an entirely mistaken view of the relationship in my thought and writing between the … Continue reading

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