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Where Do My Visitors Come From?

Today as I was wondering why I had a mysteriously large amount of people interested in why Japan gave up the gun and wheel [1], I sought to investigate how the people who read my blog actually get there.  It … Continue reading

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Exodus 17:8-16: Blotting Amalek From Under Heaven

The permanent warfare between Israel and Amalek is one aspect of biblical military history that carries a lot of resonance throughout scriptures, leading to the rejection of Israel’s first king by God over his failure to conduct holy war [1] … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sherman: A Soldier’s Life

Sherman:  A Soldier’s Life, by Lee Kennett William Tecumseh Sherman shines as a complicated, and probably narcissistic man in this very well-written biography by Lee Kennett, who finds the enigmatic nature of the famous “Cump” Sherman too much to resist.  … Continue reading

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The Start of Something New

In his blog entry, “Starting Something New?,” Mr. Joel Meeker says the following [1]: “Are you starting something new? Leaving home? New school? New job? New relationship? New church? The Bible offers this advice (among much more): Ecclesiastes 7:8: “The … Continue reading

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