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College Athletes, The NCAA Owns Your Likeness Forever

Updated 02/13/2011:  Further Complications According to the NCAA, colleges and the NCAA have the right to profit forever without consent (or sharing the proceeds) from the likeness of a college athlete.   Several lawsuits have been filed featuring well-known basketball players … Continue reading

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Hero of Alexandria: An Edison Out of Place and Time

Today I received a blog from the science-fiction blog io9, and they examined the life and career of one Hero of Alexandria [1].  Now, you’ve probably never heard of him, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great inventor.  A … Continue reading

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Book Review: Headlines In History: The 1500’s

Headlines In History:  The 1500’s, by Stephen Currie, Bonnie Szumski, and Scott Barbour, editors Given an excellent century to work with, this book succeeds very well in not only covering a broad scope of world history, but also a broad … Continue reading

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In Between Worlds

As I was enjoying a pleasant lunch at an Indian restaurant in Temple Terrace with my mother this afternoon, I had the pleasure of watching an Indian-American Bollywood network.  Given my surroundings of mostly Non-resident Indians and the music videos … Continue reading

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Scrounge For Gold: History Repeating Itself

A few years ago when the Cash 4 Gold advertisements started appearing, I was mildly amused by what was an obvious (to me) ripoff of people in giving them vastly lower returns than the value of the gold they sent … Continue reading

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