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Things Fall Apart: A Grim Musing On Egypt

Updated 02/11/2011:  Mubarak Resigns Right now, before our eyes, we are watching a dictatorship fall apart.  For the second time in in a few weeks, a dictator past his prime looks to be approaching his “sell by” date.  The dictatorship … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Historical Atlas of Judaism

The Historical Atlas of Judaism, by Dr. Ian Barnes and Josephine Bacon Despite the very English-sounding names of the authors of this atlas, the book feels like it was written by someone who knew English as a second language and … Continue reading

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For I Am Full of Words: The Personal Relevance of Job 32:17-22

Every once in a while one comes across a passage in a book that sounds exactly like something one would say.  Today I would like to discuss one such passage, which occurs in Job 32:17-22.  I would first like to … Continue reading

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Somaliland And The Hope Of International Recognition

Yesterday the ever-helpful Somaliland247 blog provided a video and some photos expressing the hope of Somaliland for the recognition of their long-held independent status [1].  These photos and video interviews express the sincere desires of a people to be recognized … Continue reading

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Time Well Wasted: An Introduction

[Note:  Among the many completed and unpublished manuscripts I have in my collection of writings in a collection of essays from my Norwich University experience.  The following entry is the short essay I wrote to introduce that series of essays, … Continue reading

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