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On Brackets And Requirements: The Difference Between Relative and Absolute Standards

[Note: A lot of people have mistakenly found themselves on this blog looking for the difference between standard and international measurements, which is not the subject of this blog. I have, however, written about that very subject here, if you … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Mentoring

As I was pondering the subject of mentoring [1], I thought it would be worthwhile to examine the careers of the two coaches of this year’s Super Bowl:  Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy (born in Pittsburgh), and Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin.  Both … Continue reading

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A Little Princess, Revisited

As a sixth-grader, looking at the absurd pink cover of “A Little Princess” with its picture of a little girl dressed in a ridiculously frilly dress, my first impressions were anything but positive. In fact, if I had not been … Continue reading

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No Road To Damascus

[Note:  This article was one I originally write in October of 2005 for the Vertical Thought magazine.  It was never published, but I thought the subject of mentoring worth discussing here, at least to provide some of my “early” thoughts … Continue reading

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