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Fond Wishes For A Successful Conference

Today and tomorrow there is a special General Conference of Elders being held by the United Church of God, for which an agenda can be found here [1].  It is my hope that the elders who attend there are able … Continue reading

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A Friendly Critique of the Intelligent Design Movement Thus Far

I have long been a fan, and sometimes a minor participant [1], in the Science Wars currently underway between the beleaguered supporters of undirected naturalistic evolutionary processes and the increasingly confident supporters of Intelligent Design. Nonetheless, the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Scientific and Theological Implications of Intelligent Design

[Note:  This was written in February 2009 after visiting a colloquium on Intelligent Design in Tampa, Florida.] As someone who has long been interested in the Intelligent Design movement, both as an occasional writer [1], a frequent reader of books, … Continue reading

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It Pays To Have Powerful Friends: A Musing on the African Union

The African Union has long maintained that they respect colonial borders and are not willing to set a precedent where secession movements can run rampant in Africa.  Within the next few days, though, they appear poised to recognize a new … Continue reading

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