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Pulling The Plug On Misguided Unions: Somaliland And Its Discontents, And Some Greater Implications

In his passionate and well-argued post, Somaliland advocate Dalmar Kaahin closes with the following statement: “Also, if Eritrea and South Sudan could secede, what would be the legal, moral, and logical reasons for withholding Somaliland´s sovereignty? From 1960 to 2011—fifty-one … Continue reading

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Examining The Cadillac Desert Doomsday Scenarios

In the book Cadillac Desert [1], a number of very frightening near-future scenarios are examined.  I thought it worthwhile to ponder some of those, as I think that they would be useful for a wide audience, even though such scenarios … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cadillac Desert

Cadillac Desert, by Marc Reisner This is the kind of book that people in the Western part of the United States should read at night, if they want to have apocalyptic nightmares.  There is no nightmare worse than grim reality, … Continue reading

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A Musing On Liner Notes: An Imaginary History of Train

04/25/2012: Edited for a new Train hit, “Drive By.” 08/09/2018:  Quite a few new hits to update for Train. One of the sort of “dream jobs” I would have would be to research and write the liner notes for the … Continue reading

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