On Hanukkah: A Request For My Readers

I have noticed on my blog that one post has been viewed far often (almost three times as many) as any other article, and I’m not sure why.  My article on “Why Jesus Kept Hanukkah:  Lessons From John 10:22-30” has been viewed far more often than any other blog entry on this site, and from what I can tell the link to it has been passed via e-mail address from one person to another.  In other words, for reasons beyond my comprehension (since I haven’t received any comments on it), the note has gone viral.

The request I make of the readers of this blog is simple.  I wish to know what is of interest to you that you have forwarded blog entries and links to other people via hotmail and yahoo.  I want to know what you find of interest in pointing out to others or in passing along.  I’m not a hard person to find–if you’re too shy to type publicly on this blog you can send me an e-mail about my blog entries at nathanbalbright@yahoo.com and I will answer them, publicly if they warrant it, and I won’t even name you.  What I do want is to know precisely what people find so interesting, or want answers or explanations about.

There are a few things about my blog entry that may be worthy of interest, but without knowing what it is that people are intrigued about I am unwilling to write about them at length here.  First–do you have an interest in the Sabbath or New Moons?  Second–do you have positions on the historical celebrations of Hanukkah or Purim themselves?  Third–do you have some idea of what else Jesus Christ was saying to the Jews in the context of the Hanukkah observance in John 10:22-30?  If you have questions in any of these areas, or other ones related to the blog, please send them to me.  If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.  If I get enough responses and people are willing to have them answered publicly I may even put up a “mailbag” post on the topic where I will answer the best or most interesting questions I get.

About nathanalbright

I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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