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A Note to the Readers About My Travels to the Winter Family Weekend

I would like to take this opportunity to let my readers know that I will be leaving shortly to travel from my home with friends to attend a church event, the Winter Family Weekend, in Louisville, Kentucky.  Though I do … Continue reading

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How To Shrink Your Kingdom: Lessons From 1 Kings 12

Yesterday, I wrote a note about the limit of legitimacy of rebellion from the biblical story of Jeroboam’s insurrection against Solomon [1].  Today I would like to talk a little bit about that rebellion itself and the lessons we can … Continue reading

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On The Difference Between Greek Thought and Hebrew Thought

What is the difference between Greek thought and Hebrew thought?  It would be most picturesque to picture a scene.  In one scene you are watching a group of people argue in black and white, elegantly splitting hairs, while in the … Continue reading

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