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Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart: Blogging, Trolling, and Matthew 12:33-37

I would like to pose a question for the readers of my blog:  is it better to know what someone really thinks or for them to be falsely polite out of fear of causing offense or suffering repercussions for evil … Continue reading

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Essays on Modern Life: The Training of a Future Blogger

Today I would like to examine what for most people (maybe everyone) is an unfamiliar part of my own training and preparation as a writer.  In fact, today I would like to talk about how I learned to become a … Continue reading

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The Price of Honor: An Application of Exodus 22:16-17

Before I must get ready for church this afternoon, I would like to briefly examine the application of a particular law concerning the honor and virtue of young women, which places an explicit price on that honor to be paid … Continue reading

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A Musing on the Purposes of Christian Fantasy Through the Works of C.S. Lewis

Though there might be some people who do not believe that fantasy literature can be truly Christian, the example of C.S. Lewis remains very valid.  Here was a popular theologian, whose work Mere Christianity is a classic apologetic of the … Continue reading

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