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The Day of Small Things: A Travelogue

Today I would like to comment on my somewhat lengthy travels to and from this year’s Winter Family Weekend, as a commentary on the first part of Zechariah 4:10:  “Who despises the day of small things?”  The reason why this … Continue reading

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Book Review: Please Understand Me II

Please Understand Me II:  Temperament, Character, Intelligence, by David Keirsey This book is an example of where a sequel is much better than the original, both in its additions and in its subtractions.  As far as its subtractions, much less … Continue reading

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Book Review: Shocked By The Bible

Shocked By The Bible:  The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told, by Joe Kovacs I have to admit, this is a rare book about the Bible that lives up to its name, at least in part.  I have heard … Continue reading

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