Book Review: Shocked By The Bible

Shocked By The Bible:  The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told, by Joe Kovacs

I have to admit, this is a rare book about the Bible that lives up to its name, at least in part.  I have heard of most, if not all, of these facts before, but most people would not (even most people who sit in church regularly).  The author is a fair-minded student of the Bible, without a given sectarian background that I am aware of (though he could easily pass for a Church of God member, given his scripturally sound conclusions).  Before I give my overall impressions of the book, I would like to include some of the facts he concludes about the Bible, most of which are chapter headings (the chapters in this book are short and I was able to read the book quickly while visiting a minister in Georgia this week):

  • Christmas is not found in the Bible
  • The Bible indicates that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Wednesday and resurrected late on a Saturday evening
  • Easter is not found in the Bible
  • Jesus is the God of the OT
  • Resurrection is to a physical body, there is no immortal soul in the Bible or “going to heaven”
  • The existence of three heavens in scripture (sky, cosmos, God’s throne)
  • The sexual standards of the Bible
  • Balaam’s talking donkey
  • The Hemorrhoids of the Philistines
  • The fruit of the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
  • Noah’s knowledge of biblical food laws
  • The biblical doctrine of clean & unclean meats and their continuing applicability
  • The truth about the Ten Commandments and what happened to Moses’ face when he saw the form of God
  • The truth about the solemn judgment of God
  • The analogical reasoning of Jesus Christ
  • Jesus’ other disciples
  • The God Family and its role in ruling and judging the world
  • Principles of Sabbath observance
  • The Azazel Goat and other biblical lottery winners
  • The truth about Satan the Devil
  • God’s hostility towards the occult & witchcraft (Harry Potter gets a mention here).
  • The attempt made by Simon Magus to buy the Holy Spirit
  • What the Bible says about marriage and divorce
  • What the Bible says about race & ethnicity
  • Obscure miracles
  • The vital importance of understanding and accepting biblical truth

There are a few overall comments I would like to make about this book.  First of all, the book is a popularly accessible work that reveals that the truth about the Bible is not all that complicated to someone who is looking for it (and not seeking to explain it away).  The hard part of biblical truth is accepting it on a deeper than intellectual level and actually letting it regulate your life.  This is the very hard part that none of us do perfectly and few of us do at all, even among those of us who claim to be Christians.  The book is therefore highly recommended to any reader curious about the Bible (only a few readers will be aware with the material of the book in any great depth), as it is a very easy-to-read but powerful to understand detailing of the truth about God that few know and fewer are willing to admit.  It is one of the finest books of its kind that I have ever read.

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