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Religious Copyright Infringment: Sins Against Man and God, An Examination of Pseudographia and Paul’s Autographs

In our day and age, we might be of the mistaken opinion that the integrity of doctrine, and the misuse of “copyrights” of individuals and organizations and the promotion of fraudulent documents with the look of legitimacy but with contents … Continue reading

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Lines Drawn in the Sand: The Process of Edge Induced Cohesion

Today I would like to comment a bit on the process of the formation of group identity through common response to conflict, as a way of describing how I became aware of my political identity within my own particular faith, … Continue reading

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On History and Role-Playing Games

One of the more unusual and neglected aspects of history is the aspect of the historical research in making games realistic.  There are a variety of different approaches that one takes to the historicity of games.  Between the two extremes … Continue reading

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