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Somaliland, Puntland, and the Arms Embargo

Thanks to the Somaliland247 blog [1] for bringing the following bit of information to my attention. A plane from South Africa bringing illegal military supplies for the Puntland regime ran out of gas and was forced to land in Hargesia, … Continue reading

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Language Studies and Graduate School

In my continuing series on graduate school, I would like to talk today about one of the often-neglected areas of study for the graduate student:  foreign languages.  Though not often planned in advance, graduate students in history need to show … Continue reading

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On The Biblical Accounts of the Origin of Warfare: James 4:1-4 and Genesis 4:19-24

Today, in my continuing series on the Biblical Way of War, I would examine the issue of the origin of wars.  Two passages in the Bible particularly deal with the topic of the origin of warfare.  James 4:1-4 provides a … Continue reading

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