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Somaliland Update: Somaliland President Prepares For Official Visit To China

Reporters at the Somaliland Globe have reported that Somaliland’s president, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo is preparing early next year to pay “the largest ever official visit” made yet by a Somaliland delegation to China, at the invitation of their government [1].  … Continue reading

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At What Price Reconciliation: Lessons From Stephen Douglas

Stephen Douglas is known mainly today as the great, and ultimately unsuccessful, debate partner of Abraham Lincoln.  He is the hero of many revisionist historians, who view him as the “Great White Hope” of having prevented the Civil War, whose … Continue reading

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Catastrophe and Eucatastrophe

J.R.R. Tolkien, the justly famous British scholar and fantasy author, invented the term eucatastrophe to refer to the redemption present in the greatest stories of humanity as well as the Gospel.  A eucatastrophe is a happy ending that honestly faces … Continue reading

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