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The Curious Connection Between Jane Austen and Military History

Though Jane Austen spent nearly her entire life in the shadow of war, from the time just before the American Revolution through the Napoleonic Wars, the relationship of Jane Austen to military history is something that is rather unexamined.  After … Continue reading

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Book Review: Somalia: The Missed Opportunities

Somalia:  The Missed Opportunities, by Mohamed Sahnoun This short book (80 pages, including a lengthy appendix containing the UN resolutions about the Somali crisis, which takes up about a quarter of the book), is a grim and technical description of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lincoln At Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President

Lincoln At Cooper Union:  The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President, by Harold Holzer This book corrects what is a curious and unfortunate lacuna in the historical record about Abraham Lincoln’s speeches, and that is the absence of a substantial … Continue reading

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