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What Wikileaks Says About Somaliland

At the outset, I need to give credit to the Somaliland247 blog for bringing this matter to my attention, but it is something that I wish to discuss as well concerning the relevance of the recent wikileaks posting to my … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa:  Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, & Djibouti, by Harold & Geraldine Woods This book is unacceptable on any level of study.  Before I begin my rant about the numerous and serious deficiencies in this book, it would be … Continue reading

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A Musing on the Biblical Way of War

Someday, I would like to write and publish a book about the Biblical Way of War.  It is my belief that the subject has been insufficiently studied in depth because of the difficulty of finding people who are passionately concerned … Continue reading

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