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Book Review: Get Out Of Our House: Revolution!

Get Out Of Our House:  Revolution!, by Tim Cox A book like this is difficult to review for a variety of reasons.  It is easy to review a book that one absolutely adores and agrees with entirely, and it is … Continue reading

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Watchman, What of the Night: The Prophet as Town Watchman in Isaiah 21:11-12

In my continuing series on the Biblical Way of War, I would like to comment on a short and relatively obscure prophecy and its demonstration of the “international relations” awareness of Isaiah and, by implication, the prophets of God in … Continue reading

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Just What Is The Ephesians 4 Model For A Healthy Congregation Anyway?

Today I happened to come across a website for a new church organization, called COG America, an organization that claims to be “an organization of Church of God pastors, elders, and ministers committed to practicing the Ephesians 4 model for … Continue reading

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