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On Property and Entitlement

I believe that most, if not the vast majority, of people who read this blog clearly (and correctly) believe that the Bible strongly protects property rights.  After all, many of the commandments relate to “property” in some fashion.  For example, … Continue reading

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Ironies of Wikileaks and Transparency

The last few weeks have provided a lot of hand-wringing by people about the threat of the recent wikileaks scandal on the United States and its dealings with the rest of the world by having candid and unflattering statements about … Continue reading

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Get Out Of Our House: On Colossal Ambitions and Civics Education

Today, thanks to a ride from a friend, I was able to attend a meeting of a non-partisan civic advocacy group called Get Out Of Our House, or GOOOH for short.  (They have a website, at http://www.goooh.com, and have written … Continue reading

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