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Rethinking Polycarp As A Friend Of The Sabbath

Was Polycarp a friend to genuine Christianity?  If there is one Apostolic Father that is recognized by a large proportion of members of the Church of God, it is Polycarp [1], and he is recognized primarily for his opposition to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Felicity

Felicity, by Mary Oliver More than a decade ago, when I lived in Tampa Bay, I remember reading a review for Melissa Etheridge’s album “Lucky,” when the reviewer commented that the singer-songwriter really wanted everyone listening the album to know … Continue reading

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Book Review: Upstream

Upstream:  Selected Essays, by Mary Oliver Recently at services, when speaking about books with one of my friends, this poet’s work was recommended to me and it so happens that this was the first book that I picked of hers … Continue reading

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