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Real And Fictive Audience In The Epistle To Diognetus

The Epistle of Diognetus is one of the more obscure works of the Apostlic Fathers, and it is notable in large part for being the first known apologetic work among those who professed Christianity.  Apologetic works are unusual for a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Jerry Bowyer’s Essay On The Panic of 33AD

Recently I came across an article by a fellow I do not know named Jerry Bowyer and I thought the article was interesting enough to comment at some length about.  I would like to state at the outset that I … Continue reading

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Book Review: W;t

W;t:  A Play, by Margaret Edson This particular play won the Pulitzer Prize, and though I seldom read much in terms of contemporary drama [1], it is pretty easy to see why this play won that prize despite being (somehow) … Continue reading

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Book Review: The School For Scandal

The School For Scandal, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan The restoration drama of the reign of Charles II of England, of which this play is one of the more notable representatives, has gotten a bad reputation for its cynicism.  Intriguingly enough, … Continue reading

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