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The Epistle Of 1 Clement And The Prelude To Papal Claims Of Authority

It is perhaps little surprise that the first time that a congregation seeks to interfere in the leadership of another congregation, that the interfering congregation happens to be Rome and that the move to bolster friendly authorities in another congregation … Continue reading

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Tantrums In The Street

Little children throw tantrums in the street blocking off the roads that go to the airport and endangering those who remind them of wealthy American expatriates who clearly must be up to no good and whose infusion of cash into … Continue reading

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Book Review: Allegiances

Allegiances, by William Stafford What is the significance of a title of a book of poems?  When one is reading a book by William Stafford, of which there are many [1], it is easy to be aware of the combination … Continue reading

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Book Review: Learning To Live In The World

Learning To Live In The World:  Earth Poems, by William Stafford As someone who greatly enjoys reading the books of William Stafford, the late poet laureate of Oregon [1], I am intrigued at the use to which his poems have … Continue reading

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