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The Issue Of Identity And Pseudonymity In The Epistle Of Barnabas

Would the Epistle of Barnabas be known or cared about at all aside from those who like obscure ancient literature if its reputed author did not have the same name as one of the Bible’s most beloved apostles?  Although the … Continue reading

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Reflections On A Conversation Overheard In The Bathroom

As is sometimes the case, I was minding my own business this afternoon and came across a scene that inspired me to think poetically, and so I would like to share with you the following, along with an explanation of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy:  A Novel, by Shanthi Sekaran This is possibly the worst novel I have read in some time.  There are bad books that are bad because they are incoherent and lack attention to structure, and there are bad books … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Lucky Child

A Lucky Child:  A Memoir Of Surviving Auschwitz As A Young Boy, by Thomas Buergenthal This book is part of genre of literature that I must admit I am familiar with but seldom enjoy reading, and that is memoirs of … Continue reading

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