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We Get That All The Time

At quiet desks analysts look at their e-mail requests for reports and spend hours stitching together excel spreadsheets from the phone reporting software that they use. When asked about what they do, and why the numbers look different depending on … Continue reading

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Book Review: What The Tortoise Taught Us

What The Tortoise Taught Us:  The Story Of Philosophy, by Burton F. Porter It is difficult to avoid the feeling in reading this book that the author is an ignoramus and should be fortunate that breathing is an automatic function … Continue reading

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Book Review: Epistemology: A Beginner’s Guide

Epistemology:  A Beginner’s Guide, by Robert M. Martin This is a book that it is easier to respect than to like.  I do not necessarily consider it of vital importance for me to actively enjoy reading a book if I … Continue reading

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