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Bitten By Your Bad Reputation: Echoes Of 1 Corinthians In 1 Clement

It is our contemporary understanding of grace that when something is forgiven that one simply never brings it up again [1].  Indeed, this idea is so firmly planted within the contemporary mind that for someone to bring up past faults, … Continue reading

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Something To Ponder

Remember the times when you would tell younger black comedians that they shouldn’t use swear words in their comedy because it wasn’t friendly to family audiences?  It’s a little thing, but it is comments like that which made you seem … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Darkness Around Us Is Deep

The Darkness Around Us Is Deep, by William Stafford When one has read as many books by William Stafford as I have [1], you get a sense for the most important elements of his work to those who make compilations.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Even In Quiet Places

Even In Quiet Places, by William Stafford It is apparently a common thing in poetry publishing for a series of chapbooks to be turned into a mainstream publishing book, and so it was with the last series of chapbooks to … Continue reading

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