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The Exercise Of Authority In 1 Clement

When we are seeking to understand the past as a way of justifying how things ought to work, we often find that what we are looking at is far more complex than we may first thought.  We have already seen … Continue reading

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Who Killed The Door?

I started to press the pad on the door and then I stopped.  I had an idea in mind and I tried it out.  It worked to no surprise and the door opened without me having to type in the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Invisible Armies

Invisible Armies:  An Epic History Of Guerrilla Warfare From Ancient Times To The Present, by Max Boot There are at least two issues that one can have with reading epic histories [1] like this one.  First, one has to allot … Continue reading

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Book Review: War Made New

War Made New:  Technology, Warfare, And The Course Of History:  1500 To Today, by Max Boot This book took quite a while for me to read, but it was certainly a worthwhile read, and one that has a lot of … Continue reading

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