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Thoughts On Virtues That Can Only Be Preached By Being Practiced

One of the unfortunate ironies of life, and one that many parents no doubt greatly regret, is that our example is far more easily copied than our exhortations to virtue [1].  So it was with a fair amount of amusement … Continue reading

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Booklet Review: A Tribute To William Tyndale

A Tribute To William Tyndale, by Fred Coulter Before starting my current blog, I read a great many books by and about William Tyndale, and may even reread them so that I can give them a proper and public review.  … Continue reading

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Booklet Review: Is The Ministry God’s Government?

Is The Ministry God’s Government?, by Fred Coulter, with The Nicoliatans of Revelation 2 by J.H. Allen Although I have in the past been rather critical of the author [1] and found his works difficult to read and enjoy, this … Continue reading

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