Cheers To Some New Hires

The United Church of God has hired some unpaid ministers to take over areas abandoned by their previous pastors, and I wished to give them a proper greeting and my hopes for their success.  So, here is a cheer for the following men and their families [1]:

Roc Corbett (serving as Pastor for Salt Lake City, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado)
Joe Horchak (serving as Associate Pastor for Sacramento, California and Reno, Nevada)
Mike Joseph (serving as half-time Pastor for Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Rick Shabi (serving as Pastor for Orlando, Jacksonville, Ocala, and Tallahassee, Florida)
Greg Thomas (serving as half-time Pastor for Cleveland, Ohio)
Braden Veller (serving as Associate Pastor for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida)
Herb Vierra (serving as half-time Associate Pastor for Eureka and Red Bluff, California)
Chuck Zimmerman (serving as Pastor for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida)

So, here is a salute to these men who are stepping up into the gap–and I look forward to updating when there are more people who are willing to step up to replace those who were unworthy of their God-given opportunities to serve in the paid ministry.  As the Bible says in Acts 1:20, quoting Psalm 69:25 and 109:8, “For it is written in the Book of Psalms:  ‘Let his dwelling place be desolate.  Let no one live in it,’ and, “Let another take his office.’ ”


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2 Responses to Cheers To Some New Hires

  1. Cathy Martin says:

    “A time to cast away stones [hirelings] and a times to gather stones together [servant leaders]…” (Eccl. 3:5). As the physical gaps are filling, the emotional ones are, too. Thank you, again, for the wonderful work you do in attending to our needs. May we all become more fruitful in the process!

    • Indeed, if the harvest time is approaching it is time to separate the wheat and the tares, one for the harvest of God and the other to be burned. Let us hope and pray and do our best to ensure that we are among those stones gathered together and not cast away.

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