COG Bachelor: Coming Soon To A Webcast Near You?

Imagine, if you will, the following scene:  an eligible single man from the Church of God is surrounded by godly and respectable young ladies, each of whom is vying for a rose.  In order to obtain this rose, the young ladies must show who they really are (and get to know the man for who he really is) through a series of events that is set up to reveal his character and personality and test their commitment to win his heart under the glare of the cameras and a passionate viewing audience.  One on one dates to a Train concert [1] or meetings of the Foreign Affairs council with romantic Italian dinners are interspersed with community service projects and other unusual mixers.  Who would wish to be in such a series?

Within the Church of God community, the bachelor is considered to be almost akin to a leper.  While other groups have established task forces to deal with the unfair stigma that they have to deal with, efforts which I support [2] [3], the bachelor has to deal with false accusations that their longings for love and intimacy are selfish, or deal with well-meaning but negative screeds that seek to limit where they may seek out suitable partners [4].  Why not, therefore, create a webcast where the Church of God bachelor, that unfairly maligned person, may show himself in his full complexity and quirkiness, to allow the world (especially the world of the Church of God) to see more than a misanthrope but to see him as he really is.

First, a Church of God bachelor would need to be selected who is willing to have people watch his interactions and provide a suitably diverse range of interests that allow for exciting drama.  Then a group of suitable young ladies who desire a godly mate must volunteer for the opportunity to interact with him and seek his love.  Neither of these tasks ought to be difficult, because the longing for love is nearly universal and the accountability of being seen and recorded ought to ensure that all involved are on their best behavior, as they ought to be anyway under the all-seeing eyes of our Father in heaven.

Once the first two conditions are easily met, then it would be necessary to develop the events that would test the commitment of the young women and allow them to get to know the man as he is and allow him to see them as they really are.  If I were writing this series for myself, I would have a lot of quirky events planned.  I would set it in Cincinnati (easier filming that way) and would start by having a little baby skunk brought to a mixer event to see how they handled it.  Why skunks?  They happen to be my favorite animal for a lot of symbolic importance, in terms of their personality (very cuddly and affectionate, but ferocious and vicious if treated poorly), as well as the fact that they are an animal that is unjustly hated and rather defensive (rather than aggressive) in its focus, as well as curious and near-sighted and very much a creature of habit.  Now, all of this would be explained, but it would be noteworthy to see which people shrink away from the skunk merely on undeserved reputation and which people see the skunk as a cute and cuddly animal worthy of love.

Another event I would choose to test the makeup of the young woman would be an event related to Centerpoint Health, perhaps.  (Centerpoint Health being a Cincinnati-area nonprofit that deals with family counseling and mental health issues [5]).  For example, a talk about the effects of child abuse and a mixer with those who were in counseling to recover from that would be a way to test the ability of the young ladies to deal with the very unpleasant realities that anyone in a relationship with me is going to have to deal with.  Those that shrink away from it would not be fit for a relationship with me, while those who would be able to show love and compassion to the innocent victims of abuse would be capable of showing the same for me.

Most of the events would not be as deliberate tests as those, but would be more conventional (?) events like a talk at the Foreign Policy group followed by a nice dinner, or visits to see sporting events, or plays, or concerts, or trips to museums, or pickup volleyball games.  After all, I am a person of many diverse interests, and enjoy participating in many of them as time allows.  I am similarly interested in well-rounded people of their own diverse interests as well as high moral and intellectual capabilities.

What would be the point of such an exercise?  For one, it might provide the means of seeing a Church of God bachelor in a more positive light than is generally the case, and to celebrate the desire for an honorable relationship with a decent woman.  Additionally, by providing the means to get to know people in depth and honestly, it can provide a positive example on how people in the Church of God should feel free to be candid about their lives, experiences, and struggles, without the fear of gossipers seeking to destroy their reputations (let it be remembered that no habitual gossiper will enter the Kingdom of God; Romans 1:30, Leviticus 19:16, 1 Timothy 5:13).  The scope for gossipers and extortionists within the Church of God community to act is taken away by making things public and above board.

Beyond that, there is a great importance in seeing decent people, as decent people, seek to get to know each other in “easy dates [6]” in order to set a good example for others to follow with regards to getting to know others with a goal of marriage but without any sort of pressure to get with any particular person right away.  All involved would, no doubt, learn a great deal, and it would provide a face and a story instead of a label and a prejudice.  What’s not to like about that?







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