Things I Need To Do This Weekend

Alright, so, it’s time for another road trip, so this particular post is more of a “day in the life” sort of posts that helps me organize my thoughts.  So, here goes the plan so far.

Later Today:

  • Get up and pack for the weekend (church clothes, other clothes, books, laptop, viola)
  • Eat, then leave on a mini-road trip with friends
  • Read on the way
  • Enjoy a restful start to the Sabbath


  • Get ready for church services in Miami
  • Play in hymn ensemble
  • Give sermonette
  • Fellowship with brethren for as long as possible
  • Return to Tampa after sunset? (maybe, we’ll see)

First day of the Week:

  • Get back to Tampa (if not done previously)
  • Get updated on the family
  • Catch up on writing, research, book reviews
  • Plan future road trips(?)

It is a pretty stressful weekend given all that’s going on, but hopefully it is a good one, and everything is at least as whole and intact at the end of the weekend as it was at the beginning.  I might want to remind my folks to send me an update on Friday evening at least to see how my grandfather is doing, and hopefully I get to see him at some point soon.

About nathanalbright

I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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