In Search Of…A Fax Machine In Temple Terrace

I commented yesterday on the importance of GRE scores [1].  This particular commentary was prompted by the lengthy process of receiving the scores and sending them onward.  Today’s post is a continuation of that one, only more in the vein of a wild goose chase in a farce.

Since ETS has not yet sent the scores out, I received a request from a university I am applying to for a fax directly to them.  This evening I figured it would be no great difficulty to do so, given the fact that in Temple Terrace there is a lovely library open reasonably late and plenty of other business listed online that normally have fax services.  I assumed that it would be no big deal to fax the results of the GRE onward.

I assumed incorrectly.  My trip to the library did not net a fax machine (though other libraries in the Tampa-Hillsborough library system, including some pretty ghetto ones, do offer such services, though not very attractive hours of operations).  Not to fear, I went off in search of the nearby UPS store, but it proved to be mythical, not apparently in existence (anymore).  None of the other local businesses in the area appeared to offer any such services as well, though the last place I checked did offer the suggestion that there was a 24-hour fax place further north near USF.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t be surprised that the fax center capabilities of the area (Temple Terrace is, after all, not a very large city) would be monopolized by a single business called Pro-Copy that works very briskly and has a close relationship with the University of South Florida.  The place is a very busy one, not only faxing, but also copying for students and teachers.  My fax went off, and I took the opportunity to look at the clientele, which was mostly college aged and female.  I wondered why I had never stopped at this particular location before.  While waiting for my fax to go through I looked around at the premises a little bit, asking the other people in line about what they were here for, and finding out that most of them were copying power point slides for presentations (including one on crime and mental health) or copying very large amounts of teaching materials.  The staff was efficient and friendly, and pretty amusing as well.  If there is only to be one place to fax conveniently in Temple Terrace, it was good to pick the place they did, as long as the fax went through.


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