Things Accomplished This Afternoon While On My Sickbed

It is no great stretch to say that I was not feeling particularly well today.  After having had a head cold since Tuesday, today was definitely well into fierce headaches and teary eyes and everything of that nature.  Let us hope that tomorrow is better in that regard.  At any rate, it was sufficiently unpleasant for me today to avoid going out for lunch as is customary on a day like today (where working long hours allows me to leave early) and read a few books in peace and quiet and instead I went home to rest and relax.  By my standards, it was not a particularly productive day, in that I only reviewed a couple of books and a couple of albums in my project on the discography of Michelle Branch and have not even (as of writing this entry) read anymore books, although I might read later if my head calms down any.  Even so, despite the fact that by my standards it was certainly an unproductive day, and a day largely spent trying to rest as much as it is possible for someone like me to do so, it was productive enough to be worth commenting on.

Last night, as a response to a book review I had recently sent to the Naval Historical Institute, I got an unusual request in my e-mail, and it took me some time to figure out what was being asked.  The USS LCI National Reunion is taking place shortly after Mother’s Day in Portland, Oregon, and the gentleman who sends me books for the Naval Historical Institute happened to be on the lookout for people to speak.  The meeting is expected to be the last such WWII reunion because so many of the veterans have died off that the memorial will include giving honor to 40 such veterans who have died in the past year alone.  Although I am nowhere near as illustrious as formal admirals, as my claim to fame is reading books and writing about them, I was certainly game for the challenge and offered to speak if I was thought to be qualified enough regarding military affairs.  This afternoon a resume was asked for, and as it it happened I had a book reviewer resume ready that I had prepared earlier this week to read yet more books about military history from another military history journal, and that resume was deemed acceptable, probably because it included several pages worth of books I have reviewed for various military history journals, including a large and diverse collection of books relating to naval history and even some World War II history.  I am deeply honored to be asked to give honor to gentlemen in their nineties and even possibly hundreds who served our nation so faithfully in such a difficult time [1].

Additionally, I found out this afternoon that I had been accepted to St. Lucia for the feast.  I had already begun to read information on the island and its history and even its literature [2], in expectation of being among the first 50 people to register to transfer to the feast, and it was pleasing to be able to get that confirmation early so that planning can begin in earnest.  The gentleman running the site is note someone I happen to know personally, but given that he is the pastor of our organization’s churches in South Florida as well as the Caribbean, he is someone who is at least somewhat familiar to me by reputation given my own efforts to help provide leadership to the South Florida congregations during the chaotic times of early 2011 [3].  Given how small of a community our faith tradition is, if he does not know a lot about me personally, he soon will, without a doubt (not least because I had to put my pastor’s name on the festival application, which will ensure a large amount of information to be provided).

The third area of particular interest related to plans for this year’s dinner club.  In about a week’s time, I am scheduled to go into a house that I have never been in before for rather complicated personal reasons.  Now, I have been near the house very often, for weeks and months at a time, and I have been outside of the house picking up some of the fine folk of the family who live there, but I have never been inside of the house, and it just so happens that the family who lives there is part of my group for Dinner Club and agreed to host this month, and so I have been requested to bring some cheese and a beverage as my part of the meal, which should be straightforward enough to manage.  Along with that discussion there was another one that encouraged me to spend the night at my adopted family nearby for the night rather than drive an hour in the darkness late at night.  The choice seemed to me to be a wise one and so I made the request and forwarded the information that prompted it, and met with a reasonably speedy approval, once the date was set.

And even those areas, namely regarding books, that I considered to be fairly unproductive as a result of not feeling well were not totally unproductive on an afternoon like this.  I did manage to get two book reviews done for the books I had finished yesterday during dinner, and I hobbled out of bed this afternoon upon a knock at the door to pick up a book delivered by my friendly neighborhood brown-shirted logistics worker and after a bit more writing, I hope to be able to read and sleep if this abominable headache will ever go away.

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