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Under Intense Scrutiny

One of the gentlemen in our local congregation gave an excellent sermon yesterday on the parable of the talents [1] and on some of its many implications.  Among the more intriguing things he said was that commentators of the Bible … Continue reading

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Book Review: How We Forgot The Cold War

How We Forgot The Cold War:  A Historical Journey Across America, by Jon Wiener The way this author goes on about progressives and insults the conservative view of the Cold War, which he oversimplifies and mischaracterizes, he should be called … Continue reading

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Book Review: Historians In Trouble

Historians In Trouble:  Plagiarism, Fraud, And Politics In The Ivory Tower, by Jon Wiener This book was disappointing. It took until the very end of the book for the author to be honest about his leftist agenda to the reader: … Continue reading

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