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Summary Of Relevant Biblical Law On Maternal Lines

Since in our discussion of the relevant biblical law to the maternal line within families discussed in biblical history we have discussed quite a few laws [1], some of them at length, it is worthwhile at this point to pause … Continue reading

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On The Restrictions Of Marriage For Female Heirs

So far in our study of the relevant biblical laws about maternal lines [1], most of the restrictions on marriage have been on the male side.  There exists one exception to the case where women were free to marry while … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Playwright’s Handbook

The Playwright’s Handbook:  For Beginning And Professional Playwrights–A Complete Guide To Writing A Full-Length Play And Getting It Produced, by Frank Pike and Thomas G. Dunn I purchased this book when I went to my last Powell’s trip, and although … Continue reading

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Book Review: Story

Story:  Substance, Structure, Style, and The Principles of Screenwriting, by Robert McKee It is easy to see why this book is so well-regarded when it comes to screenwriting.  Although most of my attention has been focused on playwriting [1], this … Continue reading

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Book Review: Basics Film-Making 02: Screenwriting

Basics Film-Making 02:  Screenwriting, by Robert Edgar-Hunt, John Marland, and James Richards As someone who likes reading and writing dramatic material [1], this book was appealing to me from the point of view of someone who has a practical interest … Continue reading

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