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Maternal Lines: The Patriarchs (Part Two)

Having looked at the importance of endogamous marriages to the patriarchs [1], let us turn our attention to three of the most amusing stories in the Scriptures that deal with the patriarchs pretending that their wives are their sisters.  Let … Continue reading

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Book Review: Alive In The Wild

Alive In The Wild, edited by Victor H. Cahalane This is the sort of book I would have enjoyed a great deal more as a child than I enjoyed reading this book as an adult.  I say this not because … Continue reading

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Book Review: Garden Psalms

Garden Psalms:  God’s Gift of Comfort and Abundance, written by Margaret Langstaff This book manages to combine in deft passion two subjects I greatly enjoy reading about, gardening [1] and the Psalms, and manages to combine them in a beautiful … Continue reading

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Book Review: Irish Gardening

Irish Gardening, by various authors I must admit, I did not realize Irish gardening was a thing, or that it would be considered so important for the gardening of Ireland to be recognized with its own journal just as Ireland … Continue reading

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