Book Review: Armed And Dangerous

Armed And Dangerous:  The Ultimate Battle Plan For Targeting And Defeating The Enemy, by John Ramirez

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Chosen Books.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

For a variety of reasons, I tend to read a large amount of books about spiritual warfare.  Sometimes I am a bit puzzled just how much I read books on the subject, and as someone who reads about the subject often [1], I find that many books, including this one, hit the same talking points and use a language that may be a bit striking and odd to those who are not familiar with it.  This book is a lot like many other books about the subject and says many of the same things.  It would seem that there are a large number of Charismatic professed Christians with a great interest in the demonic world, likely because it is the shadow side of the spiritual aspects of Christianity that they have such a high regard for.  At any rate, this book is not quite as unique as the author would like to believe it to be, but if you are looking for a book that combines personal stories as well as discussion about the workings of Satan in the contemporary world and in the lives of believers, this is certainly a worthwhile option.

This short book of about 100 pages (in the online version I read) is divided into fifteen short chapters that are divided between the author’s presentation of his own life and his own background in Santeria where he served as a warlock.  If you are a bit squeamish, this is probably not the sort of book you want to read at night.  The author’s discussion combines a lot of prayers, discussions of strongholds and related subjects, most of which one will find in a wide variety of books about spiritual warfare like this one, as well as some rather dark personal stories about how he operated on the side of Satan.  This is an example of a book on spiritual warfare who has experience fighting on both sides, and he is definitely an aggressive person in engaging in such efforts, encouraging believers to be armed with prayer, fasting, and a knowledge of themselves and their enemy (Satan and his demons) in order to fight successfully.

One thing one learns from reading books on this subject is that the authors, like this one, often try to straddle the boundary between defending themselves and their ministers (in this case, the author is a disciple of one David Wilkerson) and in avoiding claiming positions that they do not have.  So this author says that he believes he has been given a commission by God but avoids claiming himself as a prophet or a pastor, although he does claim that David Wilkerson was those things.  The author’s discussion about what activities allow Satan and his demons to gain a stronghold in someone’s life is a rather expansive list, and is likely to spark a great deal of controversy and discussion, especially considering that several pages of this book is devoted to testimonials from people who came to an understanding that Twilight was wrong from the author’s talks.  The author is certainly not one who has a problem giving hands-on discussion about what is and what is not proper Christian entertainment, although his references to Twilight and even Harry Potter are not quite as current as they would have been a few years ago.  One of the difficulties with critiquing pop culture is the problem that it does not seem to last in the public eye for very long the days, for the most part.

[1] See, for example:

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