Book Review: The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book

The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book, by Dr. David Jeremiah

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by BookLook/Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review.]

Late Sabbath morning, when I finished reading the previous book from the publisher, I found that there were no additional books available for me to request in hard copy, so I requested this book as an e-book.  The book was an easy one to request and an easy one to appreciate as well.  If you have an interest in spiritual warfare and demonology, this book will read like a basic primer on the biblical views of these subjects, a quick and handy reference for future re-reading.  As someone who thinks and reads more than my fair share about demonology [1], without it being a personal obsession, I found this book to sit on a fine balance between showing interest in the subject and not being too extreme about it.  That is a balance that ought to appeal to many of the readers who find this book and its subject matter of interest.

The contents and structure of this book are worthy of mention.  The book itself is labeled as an answer book, and this is an accurate title.  In generations past, this book would likely have been called a catechism, because that’s what it is, a series of thematically organized questions that are given brief and clear answers.  The questions of the book, and their answers, are divided into several sections.  The book begins by addressing the terms of engagement of spiritual war, answering the obvious questions about whether and why we are involved in spiritual war as believers against the forces of darkness.  Then there are a series of questions and answers directed to understanding Satan and the demonic world.  After this there comes a series of questions and answers dealing with biblical statements about our weapons in this warfare.  After this comes a short section on the warfare of prayer and then a conclusion, after which the book includes a warrior’s prayer, some scriptural guides to prayer and spiritual warfare, some notes on the author and other works of his, and reference notes and an index.

There are some books on this subject that are long on personal stories; this is not one of them.  This is a book that sticks pretty resolutely to basic and practical questions people would have about the application of the Bible to spiritual warfare.  There are some obvious caveats about what kind of reader will appreciate this book.  For one, this book is very straightforward question and answer–those looking for a lot of personal stories will be very disappointed.  The book has encouraging things to say, but it does not speak from the point of view of the author as, say, an exorcist giving memoirs, but rather speaks from someone giving straightforward biblical exegesis.  It should go without saying that if the would-be reader does not take the biblical stories about Jesus’ casting demons out of people or about biblical statements on the spiritual world with the utmost seriousness than the reader will gain very little out of the book.  This book is aimed at believers in the Bible who have, perhaps understandably, only a slight degree of knowledge and more interest in the area of our warfare against the forces of spiritual darkness.  Such an audience will find much to enjoy and appreciate here, and much of practical use in that area.

[1] See, for example:

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