Book Review: The Paranormal Conspiracy

The Paranormal Conspiracy: The Truth About Ghosts, Aliens and Mysterious Beings, by Timothy Dailey, Ph.D

[Note: This book was provided free of charge by Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review.]

In retrospect, it was probably not my brightest idea to finish reading this book late at night. Although this short (about 170 pages) book is bookended with encouraging stories about the lasting love of a husband and wife for each other as well as the everlasting love of God for humans created in His image, the rest of this book is a grim and detailed discussion of various case studies of obsessive human interest in matters of mystery, like aliens and ghosts and reincarnation [1] that show how the abandonment of biblical standards of behavior, in particular the refusal to obey the biblical prohibitions against spiritists and mediums and the like, and the adoption of various New Age practices derived from Eastern mystery religions that spring ultimately from shamanism and the desire for enlightenment through initiation into mysteries and freedom from restrictive moral law opens up the mind to dangerous and often fatal demonic influence.

This book is, for the most part, extremely grim reading because of the detailed way it uses various accounts of the lives of people as case studies for how despair and isolation and ultimately death follow from giving heed to the doctrines of demons and their lying wonders. One has to praise the author for his dedication in researching the immensely dysfunctional lives of those he writes about, including Carlos Castaneda, various observers of bigfoot and UFOs, 20th century explorer Percy Fawcett, Canadian journalist Joe Fisher, contemporary hackers following the mystery of Cicada 3301, the terror-stricken inhabitants of the ancient Tel Qarassa, as well as false spiritual guides such as Aleister Crowley and Madame Helena Blavatsky. Many of these people end up connected in strange ways to doctrines of immense wickedness like “Do what thou wilt,” that promote the ancient lie that with the right intellectual knowledge, given only to a few, that mankind can become like God without developing godly virtue or receiving the gift of eternal life.

For those who are inclined to study the area of demonology and its influence on contemporary New Age religion as well as the paranormal, this book details the despair and misery that follow when people allow themselves to be inhabited by such dark spirit ‘guides.’ This book details the levels of manipulation and deception that demons go through in order to appear as powerful to mankind and to lure people, through teasing and tempting, into darkness. The book details the ways in which demons seek entrance into the lives of people through trauma and dysfunctional family backgrounds [2] and bring a great deal of misery and suffering into the lives of those they interact with. This book succeeds in providing its readers with a great deal of encouragement and severe warning about avoiding the demonic paths that have ensnared so many in our contemporary culture. Perhaps the most optimistic, but also the most troubling aspect is that the book itself focuses on the longing for love, and its proper fulfillment, as being the surest way to overcome this influence. And yet what comfort is that when that is precisely the biggest problem one faces over and over again in life?

[1] See, for example:

[2] In this way, the book would seek to buttress the independent analysis of other books on the same subject. See, for example:

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