Book Review: Self-Deliverance

Self-Deliverance: How To Gain Victory Over The Powers Of Darkness, by K.A. Schneider

[Note: This book was provided free of charge by Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review.]

When one reads enough books about a subject, one starts to see a lot of similarities sometimes, even where the authors come from a widely different approach. It would seem, for example, that a struggle with dysfunctional background often leads to an interest in the spirit world where trouble comes. Where there is a willingness to take God’s word at its word when it comes to the way the world works, one fairly naturally has a desire to understand the workings of darkness that influence our present evil world, and which are disguised under other names at present. That said, I find it striking that within a week I would see three similar portrayals of the same problem from three widely different perspectives, something that gives me a lot of pause.

Concerning the organization of this book, it is immensely helpful in terms of understanding its contents. The book begins by looking at how spiritual battle begins for believers, focusing on the reality of the spirit world. It then moves to looking at how demons gain access: through generational patterns of behavior, personal sin, and the wounds that others inflict. The book then gives practical advice on various matters: closing the door to demonic influence, standing in authority as a servant of God, speaking to demons to reject them, controlling our thoughts, handling rough times through godly and honest self-talk, showing zeal for God’s kingdom, and knowing God’s peace for ourselves and praying for others as well. These are useful and practical techniques, taken from scripture with a good deal of sound interpretation on top of the excellent citation of sources.

It is striking, and a bit unusual, that this book should be so practical about a subject that so few people tend to wish to deal with. Given that few people generally wish to wrestle with this matter unless it is forced on them, this book serves a valuable niche in giving practical tips so that people can (through the power of God) rid themselves of distressing spirits, as part of a general process of repentance and drawing closer to God. As a practical guide, it is a useful book that will likely be quite popular within its narrow sphere, although it would be worthwhile to see a more in-depth examination of the subject, especially as there is a disconnect between a reasonably healthy group of people who write about the issue of deliverance ministries and the wide ignorance and total lack of interest in the subject among many professed believers. At some point, this gulf needs to be bridged. At the very least, it suggests that those who wish to gain insight and help in this area have resources to do so that focus on the same general areas, so hopefully those who seek help may be able to find it here.

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