Clark College Graduation: A Live Blogging Experiment

Tonight I am at the graduation ceremony for a couple of my friends here in Ridgefield, and I thought it would be worthwhile to do an experiment with live blogging.  Here goes it.

3:45pm – Left work early today because I know traffic will be horrible.  Time for some noms.

3:56pm – After a random last-minute project, now leaving.

4:06pm – Nom nom nom.

4:14pm – Finished eating.  Time for traffic.  Probably won’t be writing for a while.

6:29pm – That was a nightmare.  Found parking.  Now time to find a seat.

6:39pm – Found a seat in the bfe.  It should be peaceful at least.  Found my two friends’ names in the Commencement Ceremony guide.

6:48pm – Met some people sitting behind me who knew one of my friends.

6:59pm – A shy redhead behind me was afraid of introducing herself to possible but not certain relatives.

7:01pm – No sign of the ceremony starting soon. People are still coming in looking for seats.

7:03pm – Bagpipes!  I guess we’re getting started.

7:04pm – The graduates are walking in.

7:20pm – It looks like all the graduates are inside.  Some late guests are now looking for seats.  I recognize some of these people.  Too bad they didn’t see me wave at them.

7:24pm – National anthem time.  Well done.

7:26pm – Time for recognition.  Lots of recognition, even retirees.

7:34pm – Here is a video speech from Japan.  And a shy little girl in the row in front of me is holding her ears because of the loud noises.  Now it’s time to honor some faculty.

7:40pm – Nice speeches so far.  Way to honor GED students as well. 

7:44pm – Now this student body president is one polished young woman.  Way to conquer your fears.

7:48pm – Free scholarship time.

7:52pm – The keynote speaker is from my neck of the woods, and a former Seahawk too.  Interesting way to point out his own background while praising students again, and the lady doing sign language.  Oh, to have a clean slate.  You can tell this guy used to be a sales manager.

8:12pm – Now it’s time for a video retrospective.  I like the focus on community, which is easier said than done.  In a community, there are many ways to struggle.

8:17pm – Good sense of humor from the last speaker between these students and their degrees.

8:19pm – The GED students walk.

8:23pm – And now for the community college students.

8:41pm – Both of my friends called back to back.  A lot of cheering, and plenty of people who can’t follow the rules to stay seated until every name is called.

9:05pm – I saw some of my friends leaving so I ran to catch up with them and take some pictures.  Time to head home.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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