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Tears In The Toast

You can learn a lot about someone from the toasts that they give.  There are some people, for example, who are skilled at giving witty and humorous comments, and generating a laugh with a zing.  More than a few times, … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Am I?

What Am I?, Or, The Nature Of Existence, by Alasdair Forsythe This is the second book by the author I have read [1], and like many of the books in my collection, it deals with questions of logic and existence [2], … Continue reading

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Book Review: An Introduction To Alchemical Philosphy

An Introduction To Alchemical Philosophy, by Alasdair Forsythe This book is one of three books that I downloaded for free from the author, who happens to be the person responsible for the Forgotten Books page that I am so fond … Continue reading

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