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Crisis? What Crisis?

The cover of the album “Crisis?  What Crisis?” from Supertramp features a man lazing about in a beach chair in a grim environment, blissfully unaware of the unpleasant world around him [1].  There are plenty of ironies, as is often … Continue reading

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Book Review: Civilization And Its Enemies

Civilization And Its Enemies:  The Next Stage Of History, by Lee Harris This book is a blunt-spoken and insightful book written shortly after 9/11 and containing striking insights concerning the class of civilizations that has marked the last fifteen years … Continue reading

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Book Review: Centennial Crisis

Centennial Crisis:  The Disputed Election Of 1876, by William H. Rehnquist As someone who, from time to time, likes to read works of legal history [1], I found this work immensely appealing on two levels.  On the surface level of … Continue reading

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